Qatari non-oil exports reach QR1.8bn in November

Qatar Chamber’s monthly report on foreign trade of the private sector has revealed that the total value of Qatari non-oil exports to all countries of the world during November 2017 amounted to QR 1.8 billion , compared with QR 1.7 billion during October, recording an increase of about 5.9 percent, compared with QR 1.8 billion during the corresponding month of 2016, while the total value of non-oil exports during the first eleven months of this year is QR 16.8 billion .

The report, prepared by the Department of Research and Studies and the Department of Associate Affairs of the Qatar Chamber from the certificates of origin, indicated that 2669 certificates of origin were issued during last November, including 2421 general model certificates, and 111 unified certificates of GCC countries (industrial), two certificates of unified certificates of the GCC countries (animal), 111 certificates of Arab origin, 20 certificates of origin for preferences, and 4 certificates of origin of Singapore.

Commenting on Qatar’s non-oil export data during October 2017, Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi, Director General of the Qatar Chamber, said that despite the six-month period of the unjust siege on the country, the value of its non-oil exports continues to prove month after month that it has completely exceeded all its repercussions, where all the consecutive statistical figures of the country’s non-oil exports for the period after the blockade proved the high capabilities of the national companies in delivering their products to all the international markets that were reached before the siege and in quantities that exceeded the pre-siege period in a number of months.

Al-Sharqi praised the clear growth of non-oil exports six months after the siege, which confirms the steadfastness of the State economy and its progress according to well thought out plans and clear visions. He appreciated the role of Qatari businessmen and foreign investors in supporting and expanding the existing industries besides working to create more new industries, some of which will catch up with exports in the near future.

He added that the Chamber will spare no effort to support the national product and encourage it to organize various events that serve this purpose such as the Made in Qatar exhibition, which concluded its fifth edition a few days ago, along with other related exhibitions.

According to the monthly report of the Qatar Chamber on Foreign Trade of the private sector, the Qatari exports went to 53 countries last November compared with 57 in October, including 10 Arab countries, including the GCC countries, and (12) European countries including Turkey and (12) Asian countries except the Arab countries and (16) African countries except for the Arab countries, and one country of North America, and two countries from the South America.

At the level of blocs and groupings, the number of countries of the Group of European countries that received Qatari exports as they were in October remained at 12 countries in November, while the total number of Arab countries including the GCC countries declined from 11 in October to 10 countries in November, and the number of countries. The number of African countries excluding Arab countries rose from 12 in October to 16 in November, while the number of Asian countries excluding Arab countries dropped from 16 in October to 12 in November. The North American countries fell from two in October to one in November, while South American countries remained the same in the two months.

The Sultanate of Oman maintained its leading position in the list of countries receiving Qatari non-oil exports in November 2017, with total exports amounting to SR 899.26 million representing about 49.9% of the total value of non-oil exports during the month, followed by Germany with a total exports of QR125.054 million , accounting for 6.9 percent of the total value of exports, followed by Hong Kong with QR 118.475 million and 6.5 percent of total exports.

In fourth rank came Singapore with exports amounting to QR (97.245) million (5.4 percent), while South Korea ranked fifth with exports amounting to QR 96.292 million and 5.3 percent of total non-oil exports in November 2017. Turkey, India, Bangladesh, China and Jordan came in varying percentages respectively. The markets of the 10 countries received 91.9 percent of the total non-oil exports in November 2017.
Regarding the economic blocs and groupings receiving Qatari exports during November 2017, the GCC countries (Oman and Kuwait) maintained their position and took first place with 50.5 percent of total non-oil exports during the month, amounted to QR (909.4) million, mostly to the Sultanate of Oman.

In second place came the group of Asian countries, excluding Arab countries, with exports totalling QR 541.8 million representing 30.1 per cent of the total non-oil exports in November.

The European countries, including Turkey, came third with QR 247.6 million worth of exports during the month, equivalent to 13.8 percent of the total exports during the month.

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