Food Handlers Certification and Authorization Training Program

  1. Register your company first through the “Food Handler Training & license program platform”, and you will receive an email with the registration ID.
  2. Your registration is relevant to your With the main commercial registration number
  3. Use “Registration ID” to log into platform.
  4. Register all your relevant staff by clicking the “Registration List” Tab
  5. Click on “Application” and choose:
    • Re-examination.
    • Training
    • Re-examination
  6. Fee Payment
    Online Payment is only accepted.
  1. The test fee is QR 50 per person per test.
  2. No amendments or removal of candidates after examination has taken place.
  3. Candidates for the test must be filled in individually.
  4. The test is mandatory for everyone.
  5. The test requires physical attendance at the Qatar Chamber
  6. The time and date of the exam will be sent to your company.
  7. Exam will be considered cancelled if it was retaken within the same session.
  8. Those who have not passed the test must be re-tested by re-registering for a new exam with a new fee.
  9. All candidates will be placed on exam dates and times as per availability. If you need to distribute your employees in batches, you should send an email asking for it

The results of the examination can be found under company’s account on the platform.

  1. Training Types
    • Type 1: Through Qatar Chamber (optional)
      • Option 1: internal (at applicant facility, external trainer) Qr. 150/person
      • Option 2:external (at training facility) Qr. 200/person
    • Type 2: training conducted completely internally (trainer and candidate from same company)
      • Acknowledgement letter must be filled, signed and stamped. (Download template)
      • Send (acknowledgement letter – copy of trade license – Copy of computer paper – tourism license (if available)) to
      • Original acknowledgment letter must be sent later on.
      • The acceptance letter for registration in the Exam will be sent via e-mail
  1. The training option for candidates must be filled out individually.
  2. If training through Qatar Chamber is chosen, a minimum number of attendees must be met, the course will be selected and the date and time will be provided.
  3. All attendees will be provided with a certificate of attendance from the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  4. A certificate of attendance will be offered to those who attend 80% of the course hours.
  5. Once the training is completed, the organization must proceed with the above testing process
  1. The license issuance fee is QR 50 .
  2. The license will only be granted to those who have achieved a passing score on the exam.
  3. The license is subject to all applicable laws and conditions of the State of Qatar.
  4. Permit Validity is 3 years.

For more information or inquiries about the Food Traders Program, please contact.
Phone: 44559187 – 44559893

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