Qatar Chamber: Qatar’s Non-oil Exports Hit QR 8.6b in H1 of 2017

The value of Qatar’s non-oil exports in the first quarter of 2017 reached QR 8.6 billion and the value in June stood at QR 793.3 million, according to the monthly report of Qatar Chamber on foreign trade of the private sector, which was issued on Monday.

The report, which was prepared in June based on certificates of origin issued by Qatar Chamber’s Research and Studies Department and Member Affairs Department, pointed out that Qatar Chamber issued 29,941 certificates of origin in the first quarter of 2017 for many destinations in 66 international markets.

In June, over 2414 certificates of origin were issued, 1990 of the certificates for the general model, 339 standard certificates for GCC states, industrial certificate, 83 Arab certificates of origin, and 10 certificates of origin for preferences.

According to the report, exported goods, helium gas and other industrial gases reached 264.5 million riyals, representing 33.3 percent of the total value of non-oil exports during June 2017, while aluminum came in the second place in its various forms (alloys, cutters, molds and slabs) with a value of (247.6) million riyals (31.2 percent) of the total value of exports.

In the third place came alotrin with a value of (74.7) million riyals (9.4 percent) of the total exports and in the fourth place came the chemical materials and the catalysts with a value of (36.3) million riyals.

Polyethylene came in the fifth place with a value of QR (33.1) million, and chemical fertilizers ranked sixth with QR 26.1 million, followed by plastic bags, plastic rolls and detergents.

The report pointed out that the eight commodities mentioned represent about 86.8 percent of the total non-oil exports during June 2017.

It has shown that the non-oil exports during June witnessed a decrease compared to the previous months due to the siege imposed on the country and the closure of Abu Samra border; Qatar’s only land border crossing, however it noted that despite the boycott, Qatars non-oil exports continued to reach its destinations except blockading countries, the report clarified.

Commenting on the report, Qatar Chamber Director General Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi said that Qatar non-oil exports continued its arrival to 66 destinations around the world, praising the public-private partnership which enhanced exporting local products to world markets.

Al Sharqi assured the ability of Qatar’s economy to overcome any obstacles and to open further new markets for exports thanks to the potentials Qatar’s owns and its robust relations with all world countries.

The certificates of origin data issued by QC indicate that the total value of non-oil exports to all countries in June 2017 reached QR 793.3 million compared to QR 1.493 billion during the previous month (May 2017) and with a decreasing 46.8 percent compared to QR 1.86 billion riyals during the same month of June of the previous year 2016, a decrease of 57.4 percent.

Junes statistics shows that Qatar’s exports reached to 56 destinations including 14 Arab and GCC countries, 11 European countries including Turkey, 13 Asian countries (excluding Arab countries), 14 African countries (excluding Arab countries) , three countries of North and South Americas and Australia.

According to the report, Oman was Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in June, accounting for QR 297.26 million or 37.45 percent of the total exports in the month. It is followed by UAE with almost QR 98.01 million or 12.35 percent (exports to the UAE were during the first days of June and before the siege) and Singapore with QR 56.71 million or 7.15 percent. Germany comes in the fourth place with almost QR 45.31 million or 5.71 percent followed by Hong Kong with QR 45.15 or 5.69 percent. It is followed by India, Turkey, Bangladesh, U.S., Algeria and Morocco.

The report shows that about 57.07 percent of non-oil exports were received by the GCC with QR 433.8 million. Asian countries, except Arab countries, come in the second place. They imported QR 180.1 million which represents 22.69 percent of the total non-oil exports. In the third place, European countries including Turkey receiving QR 93.1 million or 11.7 percent of the total value. Arab countries, except GCC countries, came in the fourth place with total exports of QR 45.2 or 5.7 percent, followed by African countries, except Arab, North American countries and Australia, and finally the South American countries 2.6 percent, 2.4 percent, 0.2 percent and 0.01 percent respectively.

Comparing the values of the non-oil export trends between June 2017 and May, there is a decrease in the volume of exports directed to some economic groups such as the GCC and the European countries, including Turkey. The Asian countries, except the Arab States, and the Arab countries, except the GCC countries. This is a justified decrease, due to the siege blockade that began in the first week of June and the unjust closure of the land border port. However, there was an increase in the value of exports which went to other economic groups such as the North American and African countries, except the Arab countries, as well as Australia.

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