Qatar Chamber forms a committee for the gold and jewellery sector


Qatar Chamber recently announced the establishment of a committee for gold and jewellery to be responsible for addressing obstacles facing this sector and working to develop it as it is considered one of the most important economic sectors.

Naser bin Suleiman Al-Haider, QC board member and Chairman of the Committee presided over the committee’s first meeting at the Chamber’s venue in the presence of other members.

Speaking at the meeting, Al-Haider thanked QC Chairman HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al-Thani and board of directors for the approval on the establishment of the committee, noting that it mainly aims to strengthen coordination with concerned bodies to solve any obstacles facing gold companies and work to develop this essential sector within the coming five years.

During the meeting, Ali Hassan Al-Khalaf was elected Vice-Chairman of the Committee.

The meeting reviewed an overview about the committee, its vision, objectives, and work mechanisms.

The committee agreed to prepare an electronic form in Arabic and English languages to be sent to all members, gold firms and other related companies to learn about the obstacles facing this sector.

It also agreed that the gold sector shall be divided into three subsectors: the gold trade, the jewellery trade and the gold and jewellery factories.

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