QC organizes a Seminar on “Oil Disputes and Intellectual Property “

Qatar international Center for Arbitration and Reconciliation at Qatar Chamber organized yesterday a forum on “Oil Disputers and Intellectual Property Rights according to the Qatari Gas“ at the chamber venue.

Professor of Public Law of Kuwait University Dr.Fatma Al Mohsan and Professor of Civil Law of Qatar university Dr. Hassan Hussain Al Berrawy  lectured at the forum.

Prominent lectures from Qatar university, advocates, consultant, lawyers, legal experts, representatives of Qatar Foundation for Social Protection and Rehabilitation and Qatar Interaction Court and Center of Disputes Settlement  were present at the forum.

Trainees from Ahmed bin Mohamed Military College and female students from Qatar University College of Law were also present at the forum.

Dr. Fatma Al Mohsen focused at her session on the relation between jurisdiction and arbitration, highlighting the reasons of using arbitration instead in oil disputes.

She said gulf states widely witnessed oil disputes because of the existence of foreign parties in dispute’s s.

Al Mohsen explained virtues of arbitration in oil disputes as it provides neutral, quiet and free procedures for disputing contractors.

In his lecture, Dr. Hassan Al Berrawy highlighted the intellectual property Dr. Hassan Al Berrawy in the frame of the Qatari law.

He reviewed the legislations relevant  to the intellectual property in the Qatari law, stressing the importance of intellectual property from the economic perspective.

In a press the Chamber’s on  the sideline of the forum ,HE Sheikh Thani bin Ali Al Thani , Board Member of Qatar international Center for Arbitration and Reconciliation  said that the today forum coincides with the International Day of Law.

He praised the Chamber’s keenness on providing awareness of arbitration especially in  oil disputes because Qatar witnesses a flagship progress in exporting oil and gas.

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