Qatar Chamber Introduces Electronic System to Issue Origin Certificates

Qatar Chamber for Commerce and Industry (QCCI) has launched the COO Online system to issue electronic country of origin certificates for private sector companies through its website in order to facilitate the procedures for its members.

QCCI said it aims to limit manual transactions in the future and to digitize all procedures through its website. It urged all companies to register in the service so as to save time and effort.

Al Anoud Zayed Al Mohannadi, acting head of the member affairs department, said that despite the seminars held by the chamber to brief the business society on the service, the number of registered companies remains below ambition.

She noted that the new system is clear and easy to use through a simple set of steps that includes downloading the form and filling it along with the signature of the business owner before submitting it to QCCI. The business owner will then receive a message on their mobile phone that includes a password to access the service.

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