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QATAR CHAMBER offers lots of services via its departments as the following:

Qatar Center for  Conciliation & Arbitration

  • Managing local and international commercial arbitration and providing technical and administrative services for the free arbitration process.
  • Encouraging business community to use arbitration for disputes settlement as a quick and cheap way.
  • Adopting advanced concepts for disputes settlement of banking , commercial and investments disputes for the benefits of business community and local and foreign investors who have global business.
  • Preparing new generation of Qatari arbitrators able to settle disputes with full efficiency and quality.

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Legal Affairs

  • Resolving trade disputes raised among QC members.
  • Studying problems and obstacles which are related to the work mechanisms of government departments and competent bodies  in Qatar by means of coordination and  suggesting solutions for those problems.
  • Observing and commenting on laws projects  (especially trade and economic laws) taking into account the interests of the private sector.
  • Providing consultancy and legal advice to  representatives of companies or employers.

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Member Affairs Department

First :Certificate of Origin and Attestation 

  • Issuing certificates of origin .
  • Signature Attestation.
  • Attestation of commercial invoices for export and re-export purposes.
  • Issuing Certificate of Origin for national industrial products under the Unified Economic Agreement among the GCC countries.
  • Issuing Certificate of origin for agricultural products and livestock under the Unified Economic Agreement among the GCC countries.
  • Issuing Arab Certificate of origin under the provisions of the  Facilitating  &  Developing  Trade among Arab countries Agreement.
  • Issuing Certificate of Origin under the provisions of the Global System of Trade Preferences (GSTP).
  • Issuing Certificate of Origin for re-export and export of products of national origin (non-preferential origin).
  • Providing data on re-exporting movement from Qatar to the world.
  • Providing reports about Qatar exports to stakeholders according to issued certificates of origin.

Second : Subscriptions

  • Companies and establishments Registration.
  • Retention of members data.
  • Providing information and data about companies members.

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Research & Committees Dept.

  • Studying  business sector  problems and  suggesting  solutions and recommendations .
  • Studying regulations and laws related business sector, and give proposals or amendments to the competent authorities.
  • Studying and giving suggestions for improving  the performance of institutions and organizations  relating to the activity sector .
  • Cooperation and coordination with the concerned government departments and research and studies centers for providing data and information.
  • Studying the effects of global developments and regional and local variables, as well as the effects of the laws in force or the proposed ones on the private sector’s performance .
  • Organizing seminars lectures and events.
  • Preparing researches and studies about private sector issues.
  • Preparing reports about Qatar economic relations and trade exchange volume with other countries in the world.
  • Preparing local and global economic reports.

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Public Relations and Commercial Information Department

  • Organizing business delegations, arranging bookings, and interviews, and inviting Qatari businessmen to attendance .
  • Organizing commercial & economic meetings and events, arranging local conferences and seminars for specified topics in the business community in cooperation with official agencies in Qatar.
  • Organizing trade exhibitions and missions to overseas markets.
  • Attending seminars and meetings .
  • Providing all data needed for the different economic activities.

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Media & Publishing Department

Issuing :

  • Printings : Qatar Commercial and Industrial Directory , Qatar Businessmen Encyclopedia , Laws and Legislations
  • QC Magazine ( The Forum ) , QC Website .

Media Coverage :

  • Covering all news of the chamber activities in local and Arab newspapers.
  • Media cooperation between the chamber and various parties inside and outside the State.
  • Following-up media conferences and seminars held in the chamber.
  • Showcasing private sector obstacles and troubles in newspaper.
  • Consultative Meetings.
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