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Let me introduce JetRuby Agency (please visit us here – – a full-cycle Web and Mobile software development company with six-year experience in the business. Our in-house team of highly-qualified IT professionals has software development offices based in Lviv, Ukraine, and a representative office in San Francisco, USA.

JetRuby Agency portfolio counts more than 80 released projects (the full list and description may be provided by request) and dozens of satisfied customers from all across the globe: the USA, the EU, Canada, Australia and China.

We have been working with premium contractors like “Handsome” (, Austin/Texas), “RailsMuffin” (  , San Francisco, California), “OnyxAgency” (  , Los Angeles, California), “Digital Telepathy” ( , San Diego, California), and many other organizations of all sorts: from private investors and startups to big corporations like “Financial Times” (  ) which we’ve been collaborating with for three years now.

JetRuby Agency has an experience in working with both start-ups and established businesses. While developing complex E-Commerce solutions, SaaS platforms, B2B products, financial and real estate applications, social networks, business automation, API, ERP, and CRM. JetRuby Agency utilizes business analysis, modern Agile methodologies and project management tools. We also use different approaches and techniques such as Prototyping, Lean approach, MVP creation, and others. Besides, JetRuby Agency R&D team is always ready to create a unique and tailored solution to meet the most extreme demands of a client.

JetRuby Agency is a provider of smart business solutions and high-quality consulting services. Our mission is to help businesses integrate Web and Mobile applications into their operations to take all advantages of developed software as well as help our clients grow their success

The company offers its clients comprehensive models of cooperation such as Dedicated Team, Time & Material, Fixed Price.

In terms of technologies, we are big fans of Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React.JS, Ember.JS, Node.JS, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin, Spree Commerce, Solidus, Shopify and many others.

The advantages of working with JetRuby Agency:

  • Development speed. Compared to other languages and frameworks, Ruby on Rails is 30-40% faster in terms of commercial development.
  • High-quality and readable code. Compliant with all modern standards and style guides, our code is always top-notch and easy to maintain.
  • Bug-free and reliable product. Following BDD (Behavior Driven Development) and TDD (Test Driven Development) principles we deliver bug-free and reliable products.
  • No need for third-party experts! The Ruby on Rails framework comes with out-of-the-box security features that allow for preventing SQL injections and XSS attacks.

Further, we use only up-to-date technologies and our own servers to design architecture.

With Docker, we make sure the system nodes are isolated, so even if one of them gets hacked, the others will stay fully safe.

  • Fast, SEO optimized, fully data-consistent, and localized – the products we deliver are guaranteed to be of the highest quality.

Please feel free to contact me and JetRuby Agency Team for further details on our

services and terms of collaboration.



Serhii Salduhin

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