Offer on delivery of materials

LLC “Sioplast” is Ukrainian  manufacturer of specialized paintwork from 1998. The company’s production  constitutes more than 100 types of corrosion resistant,  waterproofings and polymer epoxide poured flooring, specifically:

  • chemically resistant coatings (acid, alkali, oils, gasoline, oil-fuel, etc.);
  • heat resistant coatings (temperature from +100… +600°S);
  • weatherproof coatings;
  • anticorrosive soils and spackelling compounds;
  • waterproof coverings (fresh/sea water, the electrolyte solutions, etc.);
  • water-proof membranes of cold cover, etc.

The above mentioned production is produced of the raw material made of the world chemical concerns, for instance: Dow   Chemical   Company,   SPOLCHEMIE,   MITSUBISHI   RAYON   CO,   Hexion   Specialti   Chemicals,   DSM   NeoResins. Quality of production is approved by wide range of industrial consumers including leading metallurgical, chemical, petrochemical and shiprepairing enterprises of Ukraine, as well as by effective implementation of  quality management system ISO  9001: 2008 in 2014. The materials “Sіoplast®”, “Lankor ®”are efficiently substituted for paintwork materials of import producers by the proportion “price-quality”, for example: International   paint,   JOTUN,   Hempel  and other, using of which would decrease expensive part for painting works to 30-40%.

Our company provides complete Engineering Operation and Maintenance for each object of painting, complex optimization of anticorrosive protection system for different industrial objects,  selection of color according the map Ral  K7, flexible price policy for corporate clients.

We request to contemplate the possibility to organize the meeting with our company’s representative with an aim to know product range and production capabilities of our enterprise.


Sincerely  yours,

The Director of LLC “Sioplast”

Executive: Shomko Yulia  +38 (067)659-84-12



Certification 1828

 Production is made under controlled conditions, arranged by the certified quality management system, Bureau  Veritas  Certification which meets the requirements of ISO  9001:2008, number of certificate UA227792 as of  06.02.2015.
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