Korosten MDF plant


Full name of the company, year of foundation * Limited Liability Company “Trading house “Korosten MDF plant”
ID (registration) code * 36592247
Head of the company * Gulianitskaya Irina
Products offered for export * MDF/HDF boards, laminate flooring
Name and code of the product in accordance with the HCDCS (Harmonized commodity description and coding system) * MDF – 44111490

laminate flooring – 44119200

Available quality certificates, permits, licenses etc. ISO 9001, CE, FSC, State Sanitary-Epidemiological Expertise, Compliance Certificates
Countries where the company currently sells its products Russia, Belorussia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Tunis
Approximate prices, volume and terms of supply The manufacture capacity amounts to 300 000m3 of MDF and 6 000 000 m² of laminate flooring in year, we have a stock program.
Contact information (mail address, website, e-mail, phone, fax, English speaking contact person) * Ukraine, 04070 Kyiv, P. Sagaidachnyi str., 11



English speaking contact person: Vladimir Karyahin +38 067 433 71 41

Additional useful information, comments Offer for cooperation: our products can be successfully applied in any construction projects (business centres, private construction projects); dealer distribution contracts and showrooms.


«Korosten MDF Plant»

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