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The UK is a great place to find innovative, high-quality products and services. You can make the right trade connections in the UK with global corporations and smaller enterprises across every industry.

UK companies work with businesses and governments around the world to run high quality services and deliver the best experiences. When you need a trade partner, the reliability and expertise of UK companies is hard to beat.

Choose from the hundreds of businesses in the UK to work with you today.

Find great UK companies
Exceptional and creative UK trade partners are ready to work with you. Discover them on the Find a Supplier service.

UK industries


Healthcare and life sciences in the UK
Get access to the UK health and life sciences supply-chain, delivering high quality, innovative services to the world.

Find out more about the UK’s healthcare and life sciences


The UK’s advanced technology
Check out the cutting-edge technological innovations that the UK is bringing to the world.

Find out more about UK technology


The UK’s creative services
Whether you need buildings designed, films made or a fresh approach to marketing, the UK is the first place to look.

Find out more about the UK’s creative services


The UK’s food and drink
Whether you want the best food brands or exceptional quality drinks, the UK should be first on your list.

Find out more about UK food and drink

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