Qatar Chamber hosts the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Initiative’ first workshop


The Qatar Chamber hosted the first workshop as part of the second edition of the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Initiative’.

The initiative, which is under the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, aims to educate preparatory students about leadership skills by providing training that enables them to invest their energies and ideas that serve the society.

It also aims to contribute to stimulating entrepreneurs and achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 in building a prosperous society and

QC Acting General Manager Ali Saeed bu Sherbak Al- Mansoori said that the Chamber supports all initiatives and activities that help entrepreneurs develop their businesses and enhance their role in the domestic economy.

Underscoring the importance of the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Initiative’, he noted that it aims at engaging school students and educating them about the significance of entrepreneurship and the private sector’s role in the economy and society.

He also added that it strengthens innovation and creativity for students and informs them on how to establish businesses and maintain their development and progress.

The workshop was presented by Noora Al Awlan, Director of Research and Studies at the Chamber, and delivered by Ibrahim Al-Sualiti, President of the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Club’.

During the workshop, Ibrahim Al-Sualiti spoke about basic the basic concepts and characteristics needed for a successful entrepreneur, as well as explored inspiring success stories from the business world.

He covered many topics such as how to generate and evaluate business ideas and prepare integrated business plans that consider all aspects of the project from marketing to financial management.

Al-Sulaiti also reviewed the financial aspects of business establishment and management, including funding sources available to start-ups and how financial resources are managed efficiently.

He emphasized the importance of marketing for business success, effective marketing strategies, and the significance of digital marketing in business.

Furthermore, Al-Sulaiti spoke about management and operation, discussing how to manage projects and organise operations to ensure the delivery of high-quality products and services. He highlighted the importance of innovation and the role of technology in business development, emphasizing finding innovative solutions to the challenges facing the market.

He also addressed the legal and ethical aspects of business, stressing the importance of adhering to legal and ethical standards to ensure business success and sustainability.

It is noteworthy that the ‘Young Entrepreneurs Initiative’ aims to enhance students’ creativity and innovation, invest their ideas, and create an entrepreneurial mindset, develop students’ skills and leadership capabilities, and enhance their competitive spirit, and give students knowledge of how to create a pilot project through practical experience.

The initiative seeks to create a generation of creative students with an entrepreneurial mindset who are able to take a leadership experience believing in their skills and abilities.

The Initiative’s second edition draws the participation of 28 schools.

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