Widam sponsors ‘Made in Qatar 2017’ as food sector partner


Qatar Chamber announced yesterday that Widam Food Company “Widam” would sponsor ‘Made in Qatar 2017’ exhibition as sponsor of food sector.

Scheduled to begin from 14 December 2017, the expo will be organized by Qatar Chamber in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry in an area of 20,000 sqm at the Doha Exhibition & Convention Center (DECC). The four-day exhibition is expected to see participation of over 300 companies and factories from Qatar.

Qatar Chamber Director -General Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi, and Chief Executive Officer of Widam Food, Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Khayarin, signed the sponsorship agreement at the chamber venue in the presence of Chamber Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani.

“Made in Qatar Exhibition is considered the biggest promotional event for locally-produced items of different kinds, affirming the desire of local companies and factories to take part in the expo which attracts every year the leading manufacturers and producers in the country,” Abdulrahman bin Mohammed Al Khayarin said.

Widam is one of the key service providers of fresh meat which is being produced through a host of production and storage stages.

Al Khayarin assured that this year’s edition of the exhibition will be of high success despite the siege imposed on Qatar, noting that industrial sector has been greatly developed over the recent years thanks to the great efforts and ambitious plans established to motivate the investment environment in industry sector and developing local industries.

The state offered number of initiatives and incentives including finance programs, business incubators, new markets and exhibitions to promote local products and encourage the investment in industrial sector, he added.

“The country also enhanced partnership between public and private sectors which is real catalyst for economic diversity,” he noted.

Widam’s CEO praised the great development achieved by local industries which adopted ISO systems and become more competitive to imported products.

Speaking about protecting local products, he said the newly-issued law affirmed the country’s keenness on protecting industries and local production and attracting more investments in this sector.

The exhibition aims to attract more investments in the industry sector and promote the locally-made products to ease dependence on imported items. It encourages local companies to do their best to improve and develop their products, which will make Qatari products globally competitive.

Qatar Chamber Director General Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi said that Manateq’s support to the event strongly reflected its commitment to developing industrial sector in Qatar.

He praised the key role played by the company to motivate businessmen to invest in industry sector, noting that the company provides host of distinct services including an integrated, developed infrastructure and investment incentives which thereby attract businessmen and enhance the development of industry sector in the State.

Al Sharqi said that Widam’s sponsorship to the exhibition reflects its great interest to supporting and developing Qatar’s industry.

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