Vision, Mission, Objectives


  • The vision of Qatar Chamber is to mainly achieve  an international leadership among the world chambers of commerce in the frame of the 2030 National Vision.
  • To be fully familiar and knowledgeable of all the business community related issues in Qatar and the world.
  • To be the first contact point for all world institutions and bodies for any information and data about the Qatari business community and how to do business in one of  the most dynamic economies  in the world.

To better represent and support the Qatar business community and highlight the available business opportunities within the various sectors and industries in Qatar.


  • Regulating, representing,  defending and promoting the  commercial, industrial and  agricultural interests.
  • Support and develop the economy and productivity for the advantage of the country in general and the interests its member companies in particular.
  • Support and develop a sustainable business environment for local and foreign businesses.
  • Enhance Qatar’s economy diversity and attract foreign investments.
  • Exert all possible efforts to enhance the position of Qatar as an international center and destination for business and investment.
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