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Business Matchmaking Platform IDQUBMP2021-160990
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Company TypeAgro-industrial complex
Agro-industrial complexMeat
Summary of Offer

1. Whole Frozen chicken (in individual package) 900-1300gr
2. Whole Frozen chicken (in individual package) 1400-1500gr
3. Frozen Chicken DRUMSTICK
4. Frozen Chicken breast FILLET boneless, skinless
5. Frozen Chicken BREAST bone-in, skin-on
6. Frozen Chicken WINGS
7. Frozen Chicken BACK QUARTER
8. Frozen Chicken THIGH
9. Frozen Chicken LEG QUARTER
10. Frozen Chicken SKIN

Potential Partners

Importers, retail chains

Ukraine Chamber of Commerce Membership Number120256
Company Description

"Agro-Oven" is more than a leader in manufacturing of high-quality products (such as pork, beef, broiler chicken meat, and potatoes) both in the Dnepropetrovsk region and nationwide; moreover, the company is a true groundbreaker in agricultural business: since February 1998 the company's team of three thousand people has worked in the fields, in the areas of animal breeding and poultry business, as well as at the company’s processing facilities.

Four agricultural units of the corporation that are situated in Magdalinovka, Solionoye, Novomoskovsk and Dnepropetrovsk rayons of the oblast provide for the manufacture of products.

Chicken broilers for meat are bred at the three high-capacity poultry production sites located in Golubovka, Marianovka (Novomoskovsk rayon) and Solionoye (Molodezhniy unit). Capacity of the smallest of the three sites mentioned provides for one-time stocking of poultry estimated at 1 million birds. The company owns an incubator in Marianovka, two meat processing factories (in Magdalinovka and Dnepropetrovsk), a potatoes processing and storage plant with 20.5 thousand tons’ capacity (in Magdalinovka), and two compound feed mills (in Magdalinovka and Gubinikha) which provide feed for the poultry business and animal breeding.

The total area of land cultivated by "Agro-Oven" Corporation aggregated in the corporate land bank amounts to 16 thousand hectares (600 to 700 hectares of those are used to grow potatoes every year) of which more than 2000 hectares are used as part of irrigated crop rotation system.

A complete cycle of production of high-quality pork has been implemented at five manufacturing sites where simultaneous breeding and fattening of 46 thousand (!) animals takes place. Our crop growing branch provides the pig breeding business with crops for the company’s in-house manufacturing of compound feed.

Enhancement of manufacturing capacities, as well as implementation of front-line European technologies promoting sustainable development strategy in all areas of the company’s activity, make it possible for the "Agro-Oven" company to have maintained its leadership as a manufacturer of agricultural products in the region and nationwide for the past sixteen years. The company’s level of development and the extent of its activities make it possible to deliver multi-million funds to budgets of various levels (including local budgets) within the framework of the company’s operation that is carried out exclusively in accordance with the effective legislation.

The advanced level achieved by "Agro-Oven" has earned recognition in Ukraine: the company is ranked among the top 20 of the total of five thousand large Ukrainian agricultural enterprises.

Wherever "Agro-Oven" gets down to business, construction of new facilities and restoration of abandoned plants begin, state-of-the-art technologies are implemented, and hundreds of people are provided with employment and stable income.

That is why "Agro-Oven" has been recognised and respected in the region as a creating company with high levels of manufacturing capacity and corporate social responsibility.

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