QC concludes training program for customs brokers


Qatar Chamber has recently concluded the 31th session of the training programme for customs brokers and representatives.

The programme held in cooperation with the General Authority of Customs, aims to qualify workers in the field of customs clearance and inform them on the regulations, laws, and procedures relating to the customs clearance.

A total of 20 trainees took part in the programme which runs for 72 training hours.

It also seeks to improve the customs clearance profession and develop the performance of workers in this sector, I addition to provide distinguished customs services to the public and reduce the congestion on customs ports.

A number of customs experts lecture in the course, which touched numerous topics, including preferential international agreements, customs procedures, customs tariffs in accordance with the harmonized system, provisions and rules of origin, customs law, and the Al-Nadeeb Programme.

It is noteworthy that the programme, which was launched in 2015, qualified a large number of customs brokers, who received a certified certificate from the Chamber after at the end of the program, qualifying them for the final test that is held at the venue of the General Authority of Customs.

The Qatar Chamber regularly holds the Customs Programme, which is of importance to the Qatari business community, as it qualifies customs brokers and prepares them for the labour market, thereby facilitating and accelerating procedures for clearing shipments from ports.

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