The investment potential of Kherson – Southern of Ukrainian.

Dear investors!

Welcome to our sunny Kherson ecoregion! This is a region of eco-friendly agriculture, a southern center of Ukrainian tourism and recreation, a unique transportation corridor between West and East, a region with a remarkable history.

The region is now in a completely new stage of its development. The local authority has many ambitious intents and a distinct plan for their realization through multiplying resources and human potential and the creation of a strong and competitive economy.

The implementation of our goals is impossible without the participation of local and foreign investors in the process of Kherson regional development. We consider all investors as our partners who have the same intentions as we have, and that is why we are completely confident that our cooperation will transform Kherson region into one of the most developed and comfortable places in Ukraine.

In this portal we collected information about the investment potential of the region that can be implemented. We hope that you find here many interesting and familiar information and it will be the first step in exploring our glorious region.

Many wonderful discoveries are waiting for you in the Kherson region! Our amazing Tauride land will fascinate you with its natural beauty, pristine perfection and limitless possibilities.

Yours faithfully,

Kherson Regional State

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