Taqat plans to train 150 young people with disabilities


As part of the Qatar National vision 2030, Taqat programme for training and rehabilitation of people with disabilities has set up a plan to train 150 young people with disabilities next year.

The training programme will be implemented by the Specialized Training and Consulting Center (STCC) in cooperation with the Qatar Chamber – QC.

The training, which is going to be practical and use scientific methods, is specially designed to match the abilities of trainees preparing them for the job market and making them self-reliant.

Taqat programme aims to train and rehabilitate disabled individuals and develop their skills in order to find jobs, or continue their education, said Faisal Mohammed Al Kahwaji, chairman of STCC in his opening speech yesterday during a ceremony hosted by QC for launching Taqat programme.

QC welcomes initiatives to support youth with disabilities and seek training to get suitable jobs for them, said Laila Al Munfaridi, First Coordinator of Training and Development at QC.

Mamdoh Kamal Riyad, Training Consultant at STCC, said the training programme includes course on basic skills consisting 56 training hours that will be implemented within three months.

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