Research and Management Committees

Competences & Tasks  of Committees Section

  • Studying woes and troubles facing business sector throughout the different specialized committees and suggesting solutions , recommendations , and procedures to tackle  these problems.
  • Considering issues and problems allocated to the Committee by the Board.
  • Studying legislations and laws relating to business sector and submitting amendments and proposals to competent authorities via the Chairman.
  • Considering and suggesting ways of developing the Sector’s institutions and organizations by increasing productivity , usage of technological facilities , applying modern administration criteria , enhancing cooperation among the Sector’s institutions and supporting competitiveness for the benefit of the Sector’s members and the national economy as well.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with other departments in the Chamber.
  • Coordinating and cooperating with government authorities and researches centers for developing data base that comprises local and global information and researches and placing them at the disposal of researchers of the same sector.
  • Studying local, regional and global events, effects of the proposed or issued laws and legislations on the performance of private sector facilities and what measures and recommendations should be taken to cope up with these events.
  • Following up the Board’s recommendations about different sectors and how they may help the general objectives of the Chamber.
  • Organizing relevant seminars, exhibitions, and conferences.
  • Any other issues allocated by the Board or the Chairman.

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Competences & Tasks of Research Section

  • Doing studies and researches about Qatari private sector’s issues .
  • Preparing updated reports including general and economic information of other countries and their economic relations and trade volume with Qatar.
  • Preparing studies about business and investment opportunities in Qatar.
  • Preparing local and international periodical reports.
  • Providing the Chamber’s views and suggestions on all local , regional and international economic issues.
  • Preparing questionnaires and surveys.
  • Participating in relevant internal and external work teams of economy and studies .
  • Developing specialized relevant publications , issues and periodicals.
  • Organizing relevant seminars, exhibitions, and conferences.
  • Any other issues allocated by the Board or the Chairman.
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