Recommendations of the 3rd International Arbitration Conference

  1. Highlighting the international nature of arbitration and affirming that the enforcement of its awards is subject to the New York Convention. The provisions of the Convention should be applied by priority to all awards by the Courts.
  2. Invoking the principles of Islamic Sharia and its arbitration rules to demonstrate their compatibility with the general modern arbitration rules.
  3. Adopting a unified interpretation of the texts of the international conventions to ensure their efficiency.
  4. The regular improvement of the rules of arbitration centers for a better case management and enhancing transparency throughout all arbitration phases to increase trust by arbitration users.
  5. A thorough reading of the general and special conditions in construction and infrastructure contracts. Encouraging the adoption of new mechanisms which prevent disputes during execution period of the contract in order to avoid any dispute that may delay or interrupt delivery of these projects to the owner.
  6. Underlining the principle of autonomy of the parties in arbitration agreement and allowing some authority to the arbitrators in case of multi-party arbitrations.
  7. Inviting the Qatari legislator to add specific provisions to the arbitration law in case of multi-party arbitrations.
  8. Recommendation to the drafters of the contracts in order to include some steps before resorting to arbitration such as negotiation, mediation and inviting the legislator to speed up the promulgation of a law for mediation and compromise.
  9. The development of all Qatari seaports and to conclude agreements with large shipping carriers and develop arbitration clauses in these specific maritime contracts.
  10. Stress on the importance of expertise as an important factor assisting the arbitrators to confirm facts or reveal evidence in order to obtain a fair arbitral  award.
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