QICCA and Qatar University sign agreement


Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration (QICCA) has signed an agreement with the Center of Continuing Education at Qatar University aims at implementing training programmes in arbitration and dispute resolution in the fields of law, investment, banking and international trade, during the academic year 2017-2018.

The training programmes aim to provide participants with professional knowledge and to improve their legal skills that preserve the rights of commercial companies when contracting with others. The agreement was signed by QICCA board member Dr. Sheikh Thani bin Ali Al Thani and Director of the Center of Continuing Education Dr Rajab Abdullah Al Ismail, in the presence of Vice-President of Qatar University for Strategy and Development Dr. Darwish Al Emadi.

The programs includes a series of development courses of interest to the business sector, including the basics of commercial arbitration, ways of establishing companies and commercial agencies, and a program of commercial arbitration skills, as well as other subjects related to the arts and procedures of commercial arbitration before arbitral bodies and centers, arbitration programmes real estate, engineering, sports, marine, intellectual property, energy contracts and investments disputes.

During a press conference held on the occasion, Dr Sheikh Thani bin Ali Al Thani said that training programs that were launched today stemmed from the role of Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration in spreading the culture of conciliation and arbitration in disputes, settling them outside the courts and strengthening the modern concepts of using alternative means to solve commercial, financial and investment disputes between companies. He noted that the new agreement comes in the course of the Center’s efforts to spread the culture of arbitration. The Center has recently signed a number of training agreements with the leading academic institutions concerned with training and skills upgrading.

He added that the new programs include, for the first time, 12 training programs and professional certificates, noting that the role of the Center is to contribute to organising the content of the training package to be presented to the participants. For his part, Director of the Center of Continuing Education Dr. Rajab Abdullah Al Ismail said that the Center supports the development and meeting the needs of the community and the advancement of scientific and technical capabilities, noting that the idea of continuing education aims to bridge the gap between the academic side and the reality of the work and the reality of the labor market and society on the other hand. He added that  Qatar is witnessing major construction projects, and that there are contracts of high value among different parties, which calls for attention to the preparation of qualified arbitrators, and cadres to meet the needs of the labor market.

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