QGMD offers  its distinctive services to meet local demand


90% of Qatar’s needs in the medical injection market locally manufactured

Qatar German for Medical Devices (QGMD), a leading provider and manufacturer of high quality and innovative medical devices, has announced plans to diversify its portfolio to fill the gap between local companies and suppliers from siege countries, which have stopped exporting products to Qatar since June..

Talking to media representatives on the sidelines of a workshop organized by Qatar Chamber on medical devices, QGMD Chairman Hamad Khamis al Kubaisi said the company’s manufacturing unit is well-equipped to offer packaging services to local manufacturers of food and agriculture products.

After the unjust siege was imposed on Qatar by the Saudi-led bloc, Kubaisi said, demand for packaging of locally produced food products has increased manifold as most of the companies providing such services are from blockading countries.

“In a bid to meet packaging requirements of local food industry, we have brought out necessary changes in our machines to package food products of different sizes,” he said.

While such a move would create new business opportunities for the company, Kubaisi said, it would also make the country self-reliant in meeting the local demand for food packaging.
Kubaisi said the company has entered into talks with several local companies to offer its packaging services.

QGMD has established itself as manufacturer of high quality medical devices in Qatar, he said, adding the company would ensure it maintains the same standards in food packaging also.
“We would also see to it that we remain competitive compared to our peers in the international market as far the prices are concerned. We would also ensure that our clients get the deliveries on time,” he said.

Talking about the company’s original business of manufacturing medical devices, he said QG Medical Devices is realizing rapid growth of market share both locally and worldwide.
Besides meeting local demand for all types of syringes, Kubaisi said, QGMD is in a position to source all other medical devices as required by local hospitals.

QGMD is supplying 90% of Qatar’s needs in the medical injection market, citing Hamad Medical Corporation as its “major client,” as well as other medical centres in the private sector, he noted.

While the company would continue to invest in innovations and quality standards, he said, it has also partnered with many international brands to meet the local requirements for state-of-the-art medical devices.

Kubaisi said that QGMD recently partnered with Eastwood Park Training to develop a strategy as a medical services provider in Qatar.

“The cooperation with Eastwood Park will be an additional step for us to achieve this vision,” he noted.
“The partnership will see QGMD delivering a wide portfolio of hospital support services training including decontamination, hospital engineering, estates and facilities management,” Kubaisi said.
Health is one of the most important sectors, where Qatar needs to be self-reliant, he said, adding that QGMD is well-prepared to support the country in achieving self-sufficiency in this vital sector.

“The company has great experience and is qualified in the medical field. We can help local companies and meet the needs of the local market. We have documented cooperation relations with major international companies, and the company’s products cover many countries, including Romania, Germany, Poland, Cyprus, Guinea, Jordan, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan, West Africa, and Switzerland,” al-Kubaisi said.

Al-Kubaisi also lauded Qatar Chamber for hosting the workshop, which gathered representatives of the Qatari business community and local manufacturers.

He said QGMD will organise a field visit for the Qatar Chamber and representatives of pharmaceutical and food companies, and to showcase the company’s technological achievements and the latest equipment in the medical devices industry.

QGMD EVP Maher Issa said the company has 18 German-made injection machines and come in different sizes. He said the company offers its services and advice to all local companies in the purchase of molds and raw materials that enter the industry, and sterilization of products using ethylene oxide gas.

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