QC’s Food Safety Summit highlights issues facing food industry


Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a ‘Food Safety Summit’ in cooperation with Act Masters Centre.

Over 60 participants attended the event, including leaders and stakeholders from the government, academics, members from hospitality and food industry, food retailers, processors, distributors, manufacturers and other food safety professionals.

The conference aimed to review the educational and informational needs of the entire food industry.
It also aimed to deliver problem-solving sessions in order to elevate food safety programme and address emerging food safety issues. It provided a forum for the discussion of food safety issues and an opportunity for professional growth, networking and educational enrichment.

It was designed for professionals in the fields of public health, agriculture, dairy, education, food service and others interested in promoting food safety.

It covered areas of the food and beverage business platform where major players in the hotel and food industry, foodservice operators, regulators and academia met to exchange ideas and suggest solutions and share best practices to achieve food safety and drive consumer confidence globally.
The summit was an excellent forum to gain knowledge about the latest trends, developments and issues in food safety. The chamber was awarded by the Centre a certificate of appreciation for its support for the event.

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