QC’s Education Committee discusses views on private schools law


The Education Committee of Qatar Chamber headed by Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Twar, Qatar Chamber’s First Vice-Chairman held a meeting, which it reviewed a number of topics related to the private education sector, which were discussed at a previous meeting of the committee, including the age of the teachers, issuing and renewing licenses and approvals by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

The meeting also discussed the committee’s views on the law of private schools and advisery offices.

In this context, the committee recommended the importance of coordination between the concerned parties to take measures that facilitate the work environment for the private educational sector.

During the meeting, Mohammed bin Ahmed bin Twar praised the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s keenness to follow up on all the issues raised during the Committee’s meeting last June and its keen attention  on maintaining communication and sharing suggestions, aiming at a more comfortable working environment for private school owners, as well as taking measures that make the private educational sector more attractive to new investors.

He pointed out that the attendance of Omar Abdulaziz Al Nama, Assistant Undersecretary for Special Education Affairs at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, reflects the Ministry’s keen attention to the private education sector.

For his part, Omar Abdulaziz Al Nama stressed that the Ministry of Education and Higher Education is always keen to listen to the views on the obstacles to the private sector, through the Education Committee of QC.

He explained that the ministry and the committee are working to develop proposals and ideas that contribute to the development of the educational sector in Qatar, as well as considering the interest of private schools in a manner that does not conflict with the laws and regulations.

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