Qatar Chamber participate in the Safety and Health Conference


HE Chairman of Qatar Chamber Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al-Thani, said that the growth and economic expansion witnessed by the State of Qatar since the past two decades, necessitated the use of large numbers of employment, Sheikh Khalifa pointed out that Qatar Chamber is keen to encourage employers and private sector companies to provide the necessary training and qualification for workers, raise awareness and culture and abide by the occupational safety and health requirements of the worker and the employer, in order to achieve the increase and productive efficiency, and reduce the burden of accidents and occupational diseases, and benefit the public interest.

This came during his speech at the opening of the Occupational Safety and Health Conference, organised by the Minister of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairsin in co-operation with the Ministry of Public Health and the International Labour Organisation to celebrate the occupational safety and health month.

He also pointed out that the Qatar Chamber has cooperated with the official authorities in the State to develop legislation and laws that have contributed to improving the standards of living and safety of workers and encouraged the private sector to raise the level of occupational safety and health requirements, ensuring the improvement of living and working conditions, and applying the highest standards in relation to workers’ rights.

Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani praised the efforts exerted by those who work on all the establishments operating in the State, their keenness to adhere to the rights of workers in the various State projects and to ensure a decent standard of living for them at all times, wishing them to continue to carry out their responsibilities to promote the advancement of occupational safety and health, and to maintain the safety and health of the worker as an essential part of the true wealth of the nation.

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