The Qatar Chamber hosts the Meet & Greet event for Investment and Finance working professionals in collaboration with Oryx Universal College in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University


In a major initiative to foster educational excellence in the finance sector, Qatar Chamber, in collaboration with Oryx Universal College in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University in Qatar hosted an influential event on Monday, December 25, 2023, marking the launch of the “Investment Catalyst” Scholarship Award for 2024. This initiative offers a substantial scholarship, covering 30% of the tuition fees, for the MSc Investment and Finance program. Students will complete the entire programme in Qatar and on completion students will graduate from Liverpool John Moores University with a masters level award of the degree.

The event commenced with an inspiring opening address by Eng. Ali bin Abdul Latif al Misnad, esteemed member of the Qatar Chamber board. He was joined by Professor Mohammad Najdawi, VP of Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer, and Dr. Moheeb AbouAlqumboz, Dean of the Leadership and Business school. The gathering also saw the presence of numerous distinguished professionals from various sectors.

Eng. Al Misnad underscored the Chamber’s dedication to advancing the education sector in Qatar, announcing that the course will commence on January 14, 2024, at the Oryx Universal College Campus in Qatar. He highlighted that professionals in finance, banking, insurance, real estate, and top-tier business consultancy are invited to avail themselves of this significant scholarship opportunity.

In his speech, Eng. Al Misnad expressed confidence in the program’s potential to substantially enhance Qatar’s investment, finance and business landscape. He emphasized the program’s capacity, delivered by a team of distinguished faculty, to significantly uplift the expertise of sector professionals.

Professor Mohammad Khalil Najdawi then elaborated on the diverse range of British degrees offered by Oryx Universal College in partnership with Liverpool John Moores University, Qatar. These include specialized master’s programs in project management, leadership and management practice, investment and finance, and cyber security, along with notable bachelor’s programs in various engineering and management fields.

Professor Najdawi underscored the global recognition and stringent quality assurance of these globally recognized degree programs, emphasizing their alignment with the QNV2030 and licensed by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Qatar. He expressed his confidence that the investment and finance program would be instrumental in achieving the objectives set forth in QNV2030 by empowering the human capital of the nation to thrive through the global challenges and local demand.

Dr. Moheeb AbouAlQumboz added that the program is designed to address the evolving challenges in Qatar’s investment sector, particularly in the context of the country’s new economic strategies. He stressed the program’s role in enhancing students’ capabilities for sustainable financial decision-making in both local and global contexts, preparing them to tackle current and future challenges effectively.

He noted that this ambitious scholarship initiative is set to make a significant impact on the financial sector, aligning with Qatar’s strategic educational and economic goals.

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