Qatar Chamber’s insurance committee reviews ways to develop the sector


The Qatar Chamber’s Insurance Committee recently held a meeting to discuss strategies for developing the state’s insurance sector.

Chaired by HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani, the QC Chairman and Chairperson of the Committee, the meeting included members and representatives of insurance companies.

Abdulla bin Ahmed Al Malki, Vice Chairman of the Committee, also was present the meeting.

The meeting covered essential topics concerning the development of the state’s insurance industry. These topics and proposals were put forward by the Committee’s members to strengthen the sector.

During the meeting, two technical teams were established: one specialising in legal and services, and another specialising in the financial and IT fields. These teams consist of representatives from Qatari companies. Their role is to review the topics discussed, provide recommendations for approval by the Committee, and subsequently submit them to the relevant authorities for necessary action.

It’s worth noting that the Insurance Committee has various responsibilities, which include overseeing the implementation of the country’s strategic plans in the private insurance sector. The committee also reviews, monitors, and works to enact laws and legislation that contribute to the development of the insurance sector, offering relevant recommendations.

It also collaborates with the Chamber’s directorates to furnish private sector members with information and data about the insurance sector. The committee assesses and investigates obstacles and challenges within the insurance sector to identify suitable solutions. Additionally, it organizes seminars, conferences, and workshops aimed at promoting various aspects of the insurance industry within the country.

The committee also actively participates in local and international meetings, seminars, and conferences. It plays a role in conducting studies on the labour market within this sector, collecting, monitoring, and analysing the various phenomena and variables that arise in the insurance sector.

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