QCCI forms panel to ensure seamless import of goods

The Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (QCCI) on Saturday formed a coordination committee to help solve the problems faced by traders importing goods from overseas, amid a Saudi Arabia-led economic blockade of the country.
The decision came at an emergency meeting called by the chamber to discuss the strategies in response to the boycott announced by some GCC countries.

Led by Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohammed al Thani, the meeting also saw the chamber pledging the full support of the business community in the country to the ruling leadership.

The coordination committee will act as a link between businessmen and the competent bodies in the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the QCCI said. It can be reached by phone on 332 178 86 (Yahia) and 553 055 15 (Ahmed) and via emails to yahya@qcci.org and abunahia@qcci.org

Representatives of the Qatar Development Bank are among the members of the committee, which will receive comments and complaints of businessmen and traders and submit them to the competent authority.

“The Coordination Committee meets continuously and follows up complaints with the authorities concerned in order to ensure the smooth flow of goods into the Qatari market,” the chamber said.

A source in Qatar Chamber said it would hold an expanded meeting on Sunday, which will bring together all food importing companies and the emergency committee, along with a number of other agencies such as Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani) and Qatar Airways.

The meeting will discuss all obstacles facing these companies and solve them, he added.
The Qatar Chamber will also hold a meeting tomorrow for the importing companies of primary materials in the presence of Qatar Primary Materials Company (QPMC) and companies that import a wide range of building materials such as Al Jabor Group in order to get acquainted with the process of importing these goods, the problems and challenges import companies might face and how to solve them.

“QCCI Board of Directors expressed its deep regret for the decision of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain to sever diplomatic relations with Qatar and close the land, sea and air borders,” the chamber said in the statement.

Thanking the “wise leadership” for its “wisdom”, the chamber stressed that it had helped the Qatari economy overcome “this blockade”.

“Such a boycott will not undermine the will of the Qatari people and does not affect the lives and livelihood in the country,” QCCI said.

“Qatar proceeds with the determination to provide all goods, be it foodstuffs, building materials or basic materials, for all citizens and residents,” it added.
The chamber commended the position of Qatari businessmen, who shoulder the responsibility, while affirming that the Qatari business community has taken all necessary measures to overcome the situation.

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