Qatar Chamber Chairman praises HH the Amir’s speech


Chairman of the Qatar Chamber Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani praised the speech of the Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani at the inauguration of the third ordinary session of the first legislative term, corresponding to the Shura Council’s 52nd annual session, indicating that it addressed all important issues at the level of the State’s internal and external policies in various sectors.

As for the economy, Sheikh Khalifa emphasized that the Amir’s speech reflected his significant interest in developing the national economy. He noted that the speech encompassed the measures taken by the state at the legislative and regulatory levels to enhance economic openness and the partnership between the public and private sectors. These measures, he said, aimed to protect intellectual property rights, support the competitiveness of national products, and foster digital transformation.

Additionally, the state succeeded in building an advanced business environment, attracting more investments, and developing a world-class infrastructure, which contributed to enhanced the state’s competitiveness in attracting investments.

He also noted that the Amir’s speech reiterated the strength and resilience of the national economy despite the obstacles and challenges faced by the global economy. He cited that the national economy grew by 2.7 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the same period last year.

QC Chairman stressed the Chamber’s role in activating business sectors and examining all obstacles facing them and addressing them with concerned bodies for appropriate solutions.

HE underlined HH the Amir’s concern to boost the partnership between public and private sectors, contributing to enhancing the private sector’s role in the national economy, noting that HH stressed that the competent bodies should continue to activate the provisions of the Law on the Regulation of Public-Private Partnerships in all relevant projects, including health, education, and tourism facilities.

HE also appreciated HH the Amir’s interest in encouraging start-ups and developing legislatives relating to foreign investments, promoting Qatar’s position globally as a hub for foreign direct investments, noting that the private sector is awaiting the issuance of the Third National Development Strategy, whose preparation process is nearing completion, as HH the Amir mentioned.

HE also praised the State’s commitment to continue adopt to conservative oil prices as the basis for the fiscal budget, in addition to enhancing efforts to diversify sources of income through State investments in various economic sectors both domestically and abroad, and by encouraging the private sector.These policies, as HH noted, have contributed to reducing inflation rate from 5% in 2022 to 3.6% for the first half of 2023.

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