QC to take part in Islamic Chamber meetings in Muscat


Qatar Chamber will take part in the 25th Board of  Directors Meeting and the 33rd General Assembly Meeting of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture on Wednesday 12th April in Oman.

The Chamber delegations includes  board members Abdul Aziz Al Ridwani and Dr. Mohamed Jowhar Al Mohamed, Director of Halal Certification Center Hareb Mohamed Al Jabri and QC’s Director General Office Manager Said Ibrahim.

The agenda of the 25th meeting includes reviewing and approving  the report of the 58th  session of the Finance Committee held on 11th  April in Muscat, in addition to appointing an  auditor for the fiscal year 2017 and nominating chairman,  board members,  members of the Finance Committee for the new council 2017-2021, and electing the Bureau.

The agenda of the 33rd General Assembly of the Islamic Chamber includes electing the Bureau, approval the 24th Board of Directors Meeting held in September 2016 in Turkey, and the report of the 25th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Islamic Chamber  held in Muscat and  the report of the 58th Meeting of the Finance Committee of the Islamic Chamber and approval of the auditor’s report for the year 2016 ended in 31 December.

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