QC seeks private sector jobs for disabled Qataris

QATAR Chamber (QC) has asked private sector firms in Qatar to create jobs for physically challenged people.

Qatar Chamber Acting General Manager Saleh Hamad al Sharqi on Monday called upon private companies to help people with disabilities join the mainstream by giving them jobs.

Sharqi made the appeal soon after meeting with a delegation of Volunteer Committee for the Employment of People with Disabilities in Doha.

Sharqi said that even physically challenged people can play a vital role in a company’s progress provided they are given the right training and guidance.

He assured the delegation that the Chamber will organise seminars and training programmes to create awareness among people with disabilities about various job opportunities available in Qatar’s private sector.

Qatar Chamber will also hold meetings with the heads of private sector firms and encourage them to tap the potential of physically challenged people.

Sharqi said that the Chamber will assist in organising skill development programmes for physically disabled people to prepare them for different kind of jobs in the private sector.
Khalid Said al Sheaibi, head of the delegation, briefed Qatar Chamber officials about the committee’s objectives and its commitment to enhance the position of physically challenged people in the society.

Sheaibi said that the Volunteer Committee was established in 2008 for helping people with disabilities find suitable jobs and boost their confidence and potentials.

He said businessmen can play a big role in improving their status in the society by providing them with jobs in their respective companies.

Sheaibi expressed the hope that many disabled people will be absorbed in the private sector companies with the support of Qatar Chamber.

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