QC Participate in Islamic, Arabic Chambers Meetings


Qatar Chamber (QC)Chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani led the Chamber’s delegation to take part in the 24th Board of Directors of Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and the meeting of the Joint Committee of General Union  of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arab Countries from 8-9 Nov,2015 in Cairo.

The Chamber’s delegation further included Abdul Aziz Redwany and Mohamed Johar Al Mohamed , QC Board Members , and El-Sayed Rajab , the Chairman’s Advisor .

The meeting reviewed the resolutions of the 31st General Assembly Meeting and the 21st Board of Directors of Islamic Chamber which was held in last September in Amman, Jordan  .

It also addressed the project of establishing an Islamic trade center for arbitration and conciliation .

Attendees further approved the financial report of  the 55th Financial Committee Meeting of the Islamic Chamber , the annual subscriptions and the proposed budget for the year 2016 .

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