MoCI, Chamber sign MoU on electronic issuance of Arab certificate of origin

September 07, 2020

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) signed on Monday a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Qatar Chamber to facilitate procedures for the electronic issuance of the Arab certificate of origin, within the framework of joint national efforts to support local industries and develop the business environment in the country by achieving integration between the various electronic systems of government agencies.

The MoU was signed by Assistant Undersecretary for Commerce and Industry Affairs Saleh Majed al-Khulaifi and General Manager of the Qatar Chamber Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi.

Under the MoU, the Chamber is authorised as the issuing and certifying body to put the MoCI’s seals and signatures on the electronically issued Arab certificate of origin.

The Chamber also undertakes the development of a mechanism for issuing the certificate which it provides to the MoCI to implement it through the electronic link between the two parties.

The provisions of this MoU apply to the Arab certificate of origin only, provided that it is verified that the products are of Arab origin and not other foreign products, after making sure that all documents are met.

Speaking to the press after the signing, al-Khulaifi said the MoU represents an important step in consolidating Arab economic integration and supporting intra-regional trade with the countries of the region, as it aims to enhance the competitiveness of national products and support exports through their expansion into regional markets. It also allows national companies to take advantage of the commercial opportunities available in the markets of Arab countries.

He pointed out that the electronic issuance of the Arab certificate of origin plays an important role in reducing costs and contributes to shortening the procedures related to the registration processes, the application for obtaining the certificate, the delivery of certificates and the verification of goods of origin, in addition to contributing to the reduction of many customs restrictions that would impede the movement of intra-Arab trade.

Al-Sharqi said that the application of the electronically issued Arab certificates of origin was a proposal put forward by the delegation of the State of Qatar during a meeting on certificates of origin at the Arab League five years ago.

He added that the movement of Arab goods in general will exceed the issue of floors in the ports, thanks to this step, which will have an important role in enhancing intra-Arab trade, as well as facing urgent problems and solving them electronically, which saves effort and time for everyone.

The application of the electronically issued certificates of origin comes within the framework of implementing the recommendations of the first meeting of the permanent technical committee for the rules of Arab origin in this regard, which was held last January.

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