QC meets Indian trade delegation


Qatar Chamber on Monday held a meeting with a trade delegation from India to explore means of strengthening the cooperation between both sides.

Qatar Chamber Vice Chairman Mohamed bin Ahmed bin Twar, who led the Qatari side, said the meeting represents a positive chance for both sides to explore investment opportunities. He hoped to reach positive outcomes as a result of Indian delegation’s talks with their Qatari counterparts, highlighting the strong economic relations between the two sides.
The QC vice-chairman said the presence of a large Indian community in Qatar works as a big factor in enhancing the ties. He said the cooperation between both sides is increasing in several areas, especially in the hydrocarbon field.

The trade volume between Qatar and India in 2015 amounted to approximately $10.3 billion, with India being the third largest importer of Qatari gas only behind Japan and South Korea.

About the private sector, he said there are vast cooperation opportunities between Qatari and Indian companies. According to Twar there are a number of areas that provide good investment opportunities in both countries such as technology, construction, and oil and gas.

Twar urged the Indian side to explore the investment opportunities in the Qatari market and build real partnerships with their Qatari counterparts to reap the benefits for both countries.

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