Qatar Chamber launches electronic system to measure customer satisfaction


Qatar Chamber launched a new electronic system to help it determine customer satisfaction and improve the services it offers to members.

Qatar Chamber second vice chairman Rashid bin Hamad al-Athba, who is also president of the chamber’s Registration and Membership Committee, launched the electronic system in the presence of Qatar Chamber chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani, first vice chairman Mohamed bin Towar al-Kuwari, and other board members.

Al-Athba said the new programme is important, adding that it was launched as part of the chamber’s efforts to develop and improve the services of the chamber. It also aims to measure the satisfaction of the chamber’s members for the services they receive during their visits to the Member Affairs and Certificate of Origin section.

“It also aims to identify deficiencies in performance, if any, in order to develop and improve the chamber’s services,” said al-Athba, adding that the system uses two electronic devices connected to an online application on smart phones. Both devices will collect information that measure satisfaction of members and customers.

The two devices have been examined and a third portable device will be used to measure evaluation of participants in the chamber’s events, including conferences, seminars, trainings, and other activities. The evaluation programme works only during official working hours from 7am to 2pm to avoid any interference in information.

The programme helps in conducting daily, weekly, and monthly reports on the number of customers, the best day, the worst day, the best hour, and the worst one. This month, another new service for measuring work performance was added by filling up a form via the member’s mobile phone, al-Athba added.

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