Qatar Chamber hold career day for recruit people with disabilities


Qatar Chamber, in co-operation with the Voluntary Committee for Employing the Disabled held the ‘Career Day for Recruiting People with Disabilities’.

The event, was attended by Qatar Chamber chairman Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim al-Thani, director general Saleh bin Hamad al-Sharqi, and the committee president Khalid al-Shuaibi, is an initiative aimed at recruiting people with special needs in appropriate jobs and merging them in the local labour market, Qatar Chamber said in a statement.
The meeting was also attended by officials and representatives of 16 Qatari companies and a number of people with special needs seeking employment.

Addressing the meeting, al-Sharqi said Career Day aims to provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to find jobs befitting their abilities and absorb their skills.

He lauded the role played by the Voluntary Committee for Employing the Disabled “in helping this important category of the society.”

Al-Sharqi underscored the committee role in finding many jobs for members in the private sector institutions and companies.

He also thanked businessmen and companies that responded to the chamber’s initiative.
He stressed on the chamber’s interest to support all efforts made to merge people with special needs in the labour market, describing it as a “positive energy that should be benefited from.”

Al-Sharqi also affirmed the interest and support of the wise leadership and government for this segment in society, noting that the chamber would organise a number of events and forums to urge the private sector to hire people with disabilities.

Al-Shuaibi expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Qatar Chamber for its support and initiative to help recruit people with disabilities.

This support stems from Sheikh Khalifa’s interest to help this segment of society.

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