Qatar Chamber Gold & Jewelry Committee reviews obstacles facing the sector

Qatar Chamber board member and Chairman of the Gold and Jewellery Committee Naser bin Suleiman Al Haider presided over the committee’s second meeting at the Chamber’s venue in the presence of other members.

The meeting touched on the most prominent obstacles facing the sector and the proposals received by the committee according to the results of a survey that was conducted by the Chamber’s Committees & Business Councils Department last month.

The Committee further discussed the priority topics that will be addressed in the coming period, in addition to the appropriate mechanisms to deal with them.

During the meeting, the committee members agreed to prepare for a joint meeting with representatives of the relevant bodies to review the Committee’s views and ways of removing the obstacles facing the sector.

It was also emphasized that the Committee continues to receive observations on any obstacles facing the sector through the Committees & Business Councils Department.

It is noteworthy that the Gold and Jewellery Committee was recently formed with the aim to address and discuss the issues and obstacles facing the gold and jewellery industry, as well as work to develop the sector as it is considered one of the most important economic sectors.

The gold sector comprises three main branches: gold trade, jewellery trade, and gold and jewellery factories.

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