Qatar Chamber ends customs clearance training programme

December 26 2018

Qatar Chamber concluded the 15th session of the training programme for customs brokers and delegates. It was organised in co-operation with the General Authority of Customs, with the participation of 58 trainees.

The training programme aims at qualifying participants in the customs clearance field and help them to know the regulations, laws and procedures of customs clearance. It also seeks to promote the profession of customs clearance, provides the trainees with the necessary skills to raise their efficiency in order to boost a distinct customs services and ease congestion on the customs ports.

The 15-day training programme presented training materials linked to the core work of the customs broker, as well as practical training and an explanation of all modern laws related to customs. The training programme dealt with a number of issues concerning customs procedures and exemptions, customs clearance, outstanding fees, rules of origin, prevention and restriction.

It also focused on commercial and customs terms and international agreements, the harmonised system and the protection of intellectual property. Since its launch in 2015, QCCI’s programme has trained 716 customs agents and delegates so far.

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