Evening shift for attestation on QC election proxies

15 Apr 2018

Qatar Chamber Director-General Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi said that the chamber has dedicated an evening shift starting from Thursday April 19 for the attestation on proxies for the elections of the Chamber Board of Directors.

The new shift will start from 5-8 pm all working days (Sunday-Thursday) and close by the date of the chamber’s general assembly scheduled on May 14, he noted.

Sharqi said that the chamber has printed proxies’ forms so that each candidate could collect 500 original copies of proxies forms from the chamber’s headquarters. Forms are also available on the chamber’s website where any candidate could print out the number he wants.

Sharqi affirmed that all the chamber’s staff have been directed to commit to neutrality towards all voters. They are strictly asked to facilitate procedures to all candidate equally to ensure a fair and transparent electoral process.

The Qatar Chamber’s internal committee to facilitate procedures of elections which is headed by Hussain Abdul Ghani held its first meeting at the chamber venue.

Abdul Ghani said that the committee would be continuing to meet in order to provide all possibilities that ensure facilitating procedures of the electoral process, noting that the committee is ready to respond to any inquiries from all voters.

In a related context, the Supervising Committee of the Elections of the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry has revealed the final list of candidates.

According to the committee, 17 members will be elected by the members of the Chamber out of 20 candidates representing trade, contracting, industry services, agriculture, banking, investment, tourism and insurance sectors. In trade sector, there are 7 candidates. Five members will be elected out of them.

In industry sector, there are 4 in the fray and three members will be elected out of them. All candidates of banking, insurance, agriculture, services and contracting sectors won by acclamation. They are Ali Abdul Latif Al Misnad in services sector, Sheikh Hamad bin Ahmed bin Abdulla Al Thani Tourism sector, Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa Al Twar Al Kuwari in agriculture sector, Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim bin Mohamed Al Thani in insurance, Rashid Nasser Al Kaabi in banking. Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Ali Al Obaidli, Nasser Sulaiman Haider Al Haider, Mohamed Sultan Mohamed Al Jaber and Adel Abdul Rahman Al Mannai won in contracting sector.

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