Qatar Chamber panel reviews private sector efforts to tackle coronavirus


Qatar Chamber’s Health Committee held its first meeting this year to discuss efforts by the private sector in confronting the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The meeting reviewed government requirements from the private sector to support the state’s procedures in dealing with the coronavirus, the role of the private sector in combating the virus, and its preparedness to provide relevant medical supplies.

The meeting was presided over by Qatar Chamber board member and committee chairperson Ibtihaj al-Ahmadani in the presence of the Ministry of Public Health’s (MoPH) director of Facilities Licensing Nora Abdulla al-Mulla, and the committee’s vice chairman Khalid al-Emadi.

Al-Ahmadani stressed the role played by the committee in addressing issues related to the private health sector, noting that it has contacts with all bodies concerned in the country to face any obstacles.

She praised the MoPH’s interaction with the committee’s efforts to streamline the business environment of the private health sector during the current circumstances.

Al-Ahmadani also emphasised that the committee seeks to highlight the preventive role of the private health sector by raising community awareness and dissemination of health culture of staff and visitors at health centres and hospitals to reduce the spread of the virus.

She affirmed the importance of enhancing communication between the ministry and the private health sector to help centres and hospitals learn about the latest developments and instructions issued by the official authorities in the country.

Al-Ahmadani noted that the committee prepared a proposed action plan, including preventive actions for tackling the virus, even as she pointed out that it would be circulated to hospitals and medical centres soon.

Al-Emadi noted that the committee praised the efforts made to contribute to the state’s efforts to counter the spread of the virus, and underlined the importance of the proposed plan of action prepared by the committee in dealing with the virus in terms of administrative, medical, awareness, and operational sustainability procedures.
Al-Mulla said she represented a link between the government and private sector, affirming that the health ministry and its staff are continuously working to improve the business environment of the private sector to play its part in serving this vital sector.

She also said the Communicable Disease Centre (CDC) under Hamad Medical Corporation is the authorised institution in the state to treat patients suspected of the coronavirus, noting that hospitals and centres only do the initial assessment of cases and transfer them to the CDC.

Al-Mulla said the ministry approves prices offered by centres and hospitals so that these prices include the authorised services only and in case of cancellation they should be deleted immediately by centres and hospitals.
With regard to licensing procedures of private hospital and centres, al-Mulla said procedures are currently being reviewed to help build an appropriate business environment.

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