Qatar Chamber discusses ways to enhance trade relations with Malaysia

May 02 2018

Qatar Chamber officials met with a delegation from Malaysia to discuss ways to enhance alliances and business partnerships between the two countries’ private sectors.
Vice chairman Mohamed bin Twar and board member Mohamed bin Ahmed al-Obaidli met with Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (Mantrade) deputy CEO Dato Wan Latif Wan Musa, including representatives of 18 companies specialising in food security and building materials.

Bin Twar said there are ample opportunities for co-operation between both parties considering that the investment climate in Qatar “is set for attracting more investments.”
“Malaysia is a strategic trade partner to Qatar. Qatar Chamber is ready to provide the visiting delegation with the needed information to assist Malaysian businessmen learn about the available opportunities in Qatar. Food security and building materials are vital sectors in Qatar”, he added.

Musa said the visit comes in the frame of the co-operation agreements signed between both countries last October, noting that bilateral trade between Qatar and Malaysia “have improved.”
Al-Obaidli said Qatar’s economy is “steadily growing” despite the siege imposed on the country almost one year ago. He noted that Qatar has managed to achieve many milestones during the siege, including opening new marine lines with several countries. He affirmed that the partnership between public and private sector has contributed to mitigating the repercussions of this siege.

Al-Obaidli encouraged Malaysian companies to enter into the Qatari market through business partnerships with their Qatari counterparts, adding that “there is a multitude of opportunities in small and medium-sized enterprise sector.”

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