QC’s panel discusses fair pricing for scrap in local market

Qatar Chamber’s Environment Committee held a meeting with representatives of scrap companies to learn about the challenges they face to address concerned bodies for inclusive solutions.

The meeting was led by QC board member and head of Food Security and Environment Committee Mohamed bin Ahmed Al Obaidli in the participation of many owners and directors of companies working in scrap metals.

The meeting touched on addressing obstacles facing scrap companies such as the significant difference of selling prices between exported scrap and those that are set by local factories, which led to substantial losses for these companies due to the lack of competitiveness between local factories.

It also dealt with the difficulty of determining the quality of scrap until setting prices that are acceptable to all.

The participants stressed the importance of enabling competitiveness in the scrap sector and allowing scrap companies to export their trade.

They also called for enhancing coordination between the Chamber, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Municipality and Environment and General Authority of Customs regarding exporting after meeting the needs of local factories.

On his part, Al Obaidli said that  achieving the local self-sufficiency is a national priority, affirming that before allowing export for companies, it is essential to identify the size of scrap of each item and the capacity of the scrap processing plants.

He also said that setting fair prices will safeguard the interests of commercial and industrial sectors, calling scrap companies to intensify in manufacturing to achieve added value for the national economy.

Al Obaidli noted that the meeting recommended the importance of setting prices that are acceptable by all parties through a fair mechanism for factories to purchase raw materials from companies during a certain period, calling on companies to address Qatar Chamber on their suggestions in order to raise them to competent authorities.

He affirmed that the Chamber would submit a proposal for that proposed mechanism to determine prices for domestic sale of scrap according to scientific and professional standards and the use of information technology with full transparency, taking into account global prices, the purity of items and quality of delivery in a way satisfactory to all concerned parties.

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