Qatar Chamber Concludes ISR Program


Qatar Chamber concluded the international Social Responsibility (ISR) license program, which was held for the first time in Qatar in collaboration with the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, a member of the United Nations Global Compact program.

The program aimed at providing participants with the concept of social responsibility and its implementation mechanisms as well as the development and design of community initiatives.

The program, presented by deputy chairman of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility Dr. Ali Abdullah Al Ibrahim, aimed at providing the trainees with full knowledge of the principles of social responsibility, tools enabling companies to achieve sustainable social returns, encouraging the private sector to search for comprehensive and environmentally friendly solutions, and increasing social solidarity among different segments of society.

The program addressed the reports of social responsibility and its role in achieving the quality of business in institutions and community giving. It also explained the policies and procedures required to implement the principles of corporate social responsibility, innovation in the design of initiatives with greater social returns, and marketing tools for community initiatives.

The ISR license program was organized at a time of growing awareness of corporate responsibility at the global and local levels, with major global companies paying close attention to social solidarity and improving living standards, in addition to profits and economic gains.

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