QC concluded the 9th session of customs clearance training program


Qatar Chamber concluded last week the ninth session of the training and rehabilitation program for customs brokers and delegates aimed at qualifying workers in the field and help them to know the regulations, laws and procedures of customs clearance.

The edition of the program, which is organized in cooperation with the General Authority of Customs, lasted  for 15 days and brings together 50 customs brokers and delegates.

The 10th edition would begin on  April 2 with participation of 50 trainees for 15 training days (87 hours), said Dr. Ahmed Osama, QC Training & Development Official.

The whole program had trained more than 450  custom clearance representatives up till now, he noted.

The training programs will provide the trainees with the necessary skills to raise their efficiency in order to boost a distinct customs services and ease congestion on the customs ports.

The program includes addresses as well a number of various matters including customs procedures, tax exemption procedures, customs clearance, and outstanding fees.

The ongoing cooperation between Qatar Chamber and the General Administration of Customs has contributed in organizing a series of training courses for customs brokers and delegates meant to facilitate the implementation of customs procedures.

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