Qatar’s non-oil exports stood at QR1.7b in Oct.


The total value of Qatar’s non-oil exports in October 2017 reached QR 1.705 billion compared to QR1.570 billion in September, recording an increase of 8.59%, and to QR 1.644 billion in Oct 2016 with an increase of 3.7%, according to the Qatar Chamber monthly report on the foreign trade of the private sector issued on Thursday.

The report , which was prepared based on certificates of origin issued by Qatar Chamber’s Research & Studies Department and Member Affairs Department last May, pointed out that 2928 certificates of origin were issued in the same month.

Commenting on the report, Qatar Chamber director general Saleh bin Hamad Al Sharqi said industrial sector still tops other non-oil sectors. He called upon businessmen and foreign investors to invest more in this vital sector in order to build a very robust industrial base which supports the country’s strategy to diversify income on one hand, and to achieve the self-sufficiency and expand imports on the other hand.

He affirmed the chamber’s efforts exerted to achieve this objective through all possible mechanisms and ways including organizing the Made in Qatar exhibition in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy and Industry from 14-17 Dec, 2017. The exhibition aims to promote the locally-manufactured product and to present its high quality and the increasing demand for local products in the world markets.

Al Sharqi noted that the fifth month of the siege (October) saw an increase of Qatar’s non- oil exports. This emphasized that the siege has no impact on our economy and our national companies have successfully delivered their products to the world markets despite this unfair siege, he said.

The report said that Qatar’s non-oil exports during October were distributed to about 57 countries compared to 52 last month. Countries receiving Qatar’s non-oil exports included 11 Arab countries and GCC, 13 European countries including Turkey, 16 Asian countries (excluding Arab countries), 12 African countries (excluding Arab countries) , four countries of North and South Americas and Australia.

Oman was Qatar’s top non-oil exports destination in October accounting for QR965.83million or 56.64 percent of the total exports in the month. It was followed by Hong Kong with almost QR139.67million or 8.19 percent and Turkey with QR93.92million or 5.5 percent. China came in fourth place with almost QR63.13 million or 3.7 percent followed by Singapore with QR62.7million or 3.67 percent.

Bangladesh was in the sixth place followed by Germany, India, Korea, and Kuwait.

“It is clear that 88.1 percent of the total value of exports were received by the first ten countries abovementioned,” the QC report said

The report further said that the GCC (Kuwait and Oman) was a first destination of Qatari exports amounting to 57.76 percent of the total exports with QR984.9million. Most of these exports were received by Oman.

Asian countries excluding Arab countries come in the second place. They imported goods worth QR428.5million which represents 25.13 percent of the total non-oil exports. In the third place, European countries including Turkey received QR169.9million or 9.96 percent of the total value.

Arab Countries bloc excluding GCC  came in the fourth place receiving QR80.14m or 4.75 percent.

North America countries come in the fifth place with total exports of QR22.31m most of them went to the US,  followed by African countries excluding Arab countries which received QR17.23m.

The report said that the total value of non-oil exports during the ten months of 2017 reached QR 14.95billion.

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