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Business Matchmaking Platform IDQUBMP2021-162651
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Other Company TypeBusiness and financial consulting
Summary of Offer

We can work together:
- on company setting up: we can do all of necessary documents, official paper, we can arrange for registering, for licencing of the company, and of course we can handle the immigration (QID, CR, tax-card, bank account opening). We have licencing to provide company headquarter, to provide SEF services
- we have licence on providing trust-services (setting up, registry, operating as trustee), and on providing family offices services. They would be interesting to Indian and Iranian clients, I think.
- we have strong experience and knowledge on merger and acquisition. We can handle the whole legal process (negotiation, preparing legal documentation, the merger and/or acquisition registering in company registration authority, etc.)
- we have strong experience and knowledge on company movement within GCC and from EU into Qatar, or from any off-shore jurisdiction into Qatar on the way of re-domicile process. We can handle the whole legal process.
- on the tax advisory, connecting with company structuring.
And an important thing: we have PII, either!

Potential Partners

Every company who needs our service and needs our advice.

Company Description

During the more than 20 years of my career as a lawyer, my clients’ faith in my knowledge and their trust in me were the two antecedents that created the need of my client base to develop such a branch of business within the law firm. However, I have realized that such a service, regardless of how much my clients believe and trust in me, should not be based solely on legal knowledge.
Therefore, I had to wait until I found a partner who has the proper economic and financial knowledge, is trustworthy and suitable to work together in this branch of business.
Our driving force is the absolute trust of our clients, and they honour us with such trust for many, many years. A sign of this complete trust is that more and more clients consider us as a trustworthy consulting partner even during their expansion abroad.
Of course, we are also glad to serve our clients who are interested in individual asset management and wish to entrust us with their potential savings.
We are certain that the work performed with high added value, as well as the professional values we represent will bring benefits to our clients.
Dynamism, knowledge, trust – and there is a high chance that the best-case scenario will unfold.

Dr. Péter É. Nagy, Ph.D
Dr. Péter É. Nagy Law Firm Lawyer, Head of Office

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