Qatar-Turkish Business Meeting explores forging commercial partnerships


Activities of the Qatar-Turkish Business Meeting was held at the Qatar Chamber’s (QC) headquarters in the presence of its First Vice-Chairman HE Mohamed bin Twar Al Kuwari and Faruk Kalkavan, Chairman of Kalkavan Global Group.

Also present at the meeting were QC board member Abdulrahman Al Ansari and a crowd of Qatari and Turkish businessmen.

Speaking at the meeting, QC First Vice-Chairman HE Mohamed bin Twar Al Kuwari said Qatar-Türkiye relations have witnessed substantial growth in recent years across all fields, particularly in economic and commercial domains.

HE emphasized that this progress is a result of the strong and cooperative relationship between the leadership of both countries. He highlighted that this alignment has led to the signing of numerous agreements and Memoranda of Understanding across various sectors, as well as an increase in high-level visits and engagements between business sectors from both sides.

HE further noted that the economic cooperation between the two countries has been robust, with the trade volume reaching QR 4.4 billion last year. He highlighted the significant presence of Turkish companies in Qatar, which are engaged in various sectors such as trading, contracting, healthcare, manufacturing, services, hospitality, and others. These companies operate either with full Turkish capital or in partnership with Qatari counterparts, contributing to the economic growth and development of both nations.

Twar also highlighted the presence of many Qatari companies that have invested in Türkiye across various sectors including tourism, real estate, and others. He emphasized that Türkiye is a distinguished destination for Qatari investments, and Qatar stands as one of the largest investors in Türkiye, reflecting the strong economic ties and mutual investment interests between the two countries.

HE also mentioned that Qatar Chamber recently participated in the ‘Qatar-Turkish Business Forum’ in Istanbul which witnessed great participation from Qatari companies on the sidelines of the first meeting of the Qatar-Türkiye Joint Economic and Trade Commission (JETCO). HE expressed his hope that JETCO would be a valuable addition to the process of cooperation between both countries, asserting that it would play a major role in enhancing cooperation between the Qatari and Turkish private sectors for the advancement of intra-regional trade and the exchange of investments in both countries.

The First Vice-Chairman of the Qatar Chamber also urged Turkish companies to enhance their investments in Qatar and strengthen cooperation with their Qatari counterparts by establishing alliances and partnerships across all sectors. He emphasized that Qatar offers a world-class infrastructure, leading investment legislation, and abundant opportunities, making it an attractive destination for Turkish businesses to expand their presence and engage in mutually beneficial ventures.

Moreover, he stressed the Chamber’s support for cooperation between business sectors in both countries, assuring that it works to enhance cooperation and partnership between Qatari and Turkish companies. He hoped to see more commercial and investment alliances and partnerships between firms from both sides for the advantage of both economies.

Furthermore, he emphasized that Qatar Chamber supports and encourages the cooperation between the business sectors of both countries. He assured that the Chamber is dedicated to enhancing collaboration and partnership between Qatari and Turkish companies. He expressed his hope for the establishment of more commercial and investment alliances and partnerships between firms from both sides, stressing the mutual benefits that such collaborations would bring to both economies.

On his part, Abdulrahman Al Ansari expressed Qatari businesses’ eagerness to strengthen cooperation with their Turkish counterparts. He emphasized a shared desire to establish alliances and partnerships between Qatari and Turkish companies.

Head of the Turkish delegation, Faruk Kalkavan, praised the close relations between Qatar and Turkey, describing them as special and distinguished, particularly in the economic and commercial domains. He noted that many Turkish companies are eager to enter the Qatari market.

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