‘Qatar-Turkey trade to jump to $2 bn in near future’


Bilateral trade between Qatar and Turkey will increase to $2 billion in the near future, according to Turkish Ambassador to Qatar HE Fikret Ozer.

Speaking at a meeting held  today between a Turkish delegation and Qatari businessmen, Ozer said the current volume of trade between the two countries stood at $700 million and was expected to rise by 15 percent by the end of the year. The Turkish delegation comprised 22 companies representing the Turkish Electro Technology Exporters’ Association (TET).
“Turkish companies have invested in latest technologies at their facilities to reach the capability to provide necessary research and development and technology for many products,” the ambassador said.

“Turkish industries produce high value-added and high-tech products, and its share in the export basket of Turkey is continuously increasing, together with the total export volume in the international market, which is worth $35 billion,” he added.

Qatar Chamber (QC) Vice Chairman Mohamed bin Twar said Qatar and Turkey enjoy strategic and deep-rooted relations at all levels based on shared visions towards Arab, regional and international issues.

“This has made a positive impact on the volume of their trade exchange, number of agreements signed and the fruitful economic cooperation between the two countries,” he said.

“Qatari-Turkish relations are distinct and can serve as a model for other countries. Qatar Chamber welcomes and urges Turkish and Qatari businessmen to set up more partnerships and joint ventures, and to explore new areas of cooperation for the benefit of both countries,” Twar added.

The QC vice chairman said Turkish companies were actively involved in several ongoing mega projects in Qatar that are part of the run-up to the FIFA World Cup 2022.

“About 60 Turkish companies are working in Qatar and are involved in 35 projects worth $16 billion. The total value of direct and indirect Qatari investment in Turkey is $18 billion, mostly in real stats and banks,” he added.

According to Fatih Kemal, Chairman of Turkish Electro Technology Exportersf0′ Association Turkey is exporting goods and services worth $35 billion and this is one of the biggest revenue sources for the country.

Turkish Electro Technology Exporters’ Association is a professional establishment which deals with the export activities of its members. It was founded on September 2, 1991 with the decision of the Council of Ministers of Turkey and has over 7,500 member companies.

The Main Function of TET is to improve the export volume of the electrical, electronics and ICT industries on behalf of its members and in accordance with the needs of Turkey.

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