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Consultancy activities regarding international business development as follows:

Business Partner Search: Regardless of whether on seller-side or buyer-side, our methodology BPSC–Business Partner Search Consept- is designed to support our clients with the most appropriate tailor-made approaches on their way to seek out their business partner.
In accordance with the strategy of our client, we provide full-service offering, beginning from scouting activities to contract management. Thanks to our wide range of expertise in the fields of marketing, sales, purchasing, project management, law, financial auditing, tax regulations, accounting, supply chain management and human resources, we are able to support our clients not only with scouting activities, but also, we offer our clients unique one-spot-solution concepts.

Global Expansion Strategies:
During the Covid pandemic, the whole world has experienced once more the benefits of being present locally in the target markets. In addition to contributing to the strengthening of the company’s reputation in the market, there are many advantages of establishing a local organization in the relevant country in terms of mastering the economic, cultural, legal and special processes specific to that market. Either our clients establish sales or purchasing organization locally, we provide the following services:

Foundation of company in the target country
Recruitment of qualified staff
Location Search and Office/Warehouse Establishment
Support for Accounting and Legal Issues
Support for Customs and Logistics Procedures

Potential Partners

Whosalers, distributors, retailers, construction companies, investment companies, manufacturing companies, etc.. which are looking for business partners (manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, etc..)

Company Description

Supplier-Planet is a consulting and coaching firm that uses wide business expertise and global network to establish a strong win-win relationship between b2b partners such as manufacturers, distributors and suppliers. At our consulting and coaching activities, we have a passionate commitment to assist our clients to grow their business and provide sustainable business development. Today, we are proud to own long-term sustainable achievements with some of the most sophisticated and most successful organizations in the world.

Company TypeOther - آخر
Other Company TypeInternational Business Development Consultancy
Year of Establishment2019
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