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Business Matchmaking Platform IDQTBM20-26540
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Our elegant dried fruits paired with 60% dark Belgian chocolate and assorted nuts.

All ingredients, except for the chocolate are sourced and collected directly from both local farmers in Aydin, South West Turkey, and regional fruit wholesalers who specialise in the grown crop for which their province is celebrated.

Each of the Figsbury products has a bespoke and closely guarded hand crafting process undertaken by a small team based from a boutique factory in Aydin.

Our incredible sweets are gluten free and also contain no glucose, artificial flavouring, colouring or preservatives.

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Since 2009 Balca Gida has been on a journey to create a unique culinary experience for our customers.

We are dedicated to delivering quality produce through our consistently high operational standards.

We strive to promote the qualities of dried figs to our employees, suppliers, customers and business partners and aim to have everyone share our understanding in the value of this wonderful fruit.

We are proud of our pioneering spirit.

At Balca Gida we take a proactive forward looking approach to product development, innovation and sourcing.

Our values: Quality, Innovation, Authenticity, Integrity.

Company TypeAgriculture & Foodstuffs - الزرعة – المواد الغذائية
Year of Establishment2009
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